*The New Normal* 
Yes!It happened for real.
I call it the “DIGITAL DISTRUPTOR”. That stood boldly to pull us into innovations.
This normal has been existing and you thought “ *it’s not my own thing or it’s meant for a class of people.”*
Well, I have a norm of following up on my clients.
From my study I observe that, most people keep procrastinating *Digital Business innovations* which steals their dreams, time, money and results. So, I don’t give to chances.
I want them to rip-off the benefits very fast and efficient.
I had to call one, to know how he was fairing and to see if he has started applying some new innovations to his business….
While talking on phone, I could feel his pain of not getting access to his physical shop, less sales, and an E-commerce website to sell his products.
“Ini” I kept brainstorming, and within some days, we arrived at getting him join the new normal.
Guess what?
And calls couldn’t stop coming…..
                   ……. WOW……
*An Online shop.*
(Common, I was happy because I like fast action takers).  
Crazier, right?
Don’t miss out in giving this online shop a trial.
* Because it gives you the opportunities to rent and sell as you like.
* Track your sales orders, payments and  liberty to deliver your products and services as it suites you.
* Also subscribe for a year at the rate of #5000.00k.
* We’ll help you set up a shop within 12hours.
* Finally, subsequent updates of products and services.
You see it is the *best normal* 
This offer is valid till October 2, 2020.
Here are some links to view the  Online shops of some businesses.

You are one click away via https://wa.me/2349055550419
Ini-Technoid Services.
P.S: If you were to rent a shop, it’s not up to an agent fee.
P.P.S: After now we’ll increase our subscription.