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welcome to this group, I know our WIIFM has been ON. Stay in as you get signals from this frequency.

You may be wandering why WIIFM: *“What In Is For Me.”*

If this speaks to you, know that you can achieve it when you adopt the *Digital Sales Machine*, designed to take you from few sales to growing profits and customer patronage, you’d love.

Step 1: Product knowledge.

Before you to get the best platform to sell, you must have a good product knowledge of what you’re selling. Take time to make the analysis because it will help you to know where your customers gather.

Then go to those platforms to offer value to them and not features.

Step 2: The Big Game: Adverts
Don’t just run advert because you see people do. I was a victim of money loss through ads. Your ads must have 3 basic ingredients namely;

* It must arrest attention

* You must make an offer.

* Most importantly, you make a call to action like to order this… Call, for free consultation….

Step 3: The Best Marketing Tool: Recommendation

Make sure you offer value that you promised for their money. That is over deliver.

Let your satisfied customers give testimonials/reviews about your product or services and use it on your pages. Because when they’re happy, here comes the sales 🏧 machine that will be dispencing money for you by recommendations of previous and current clients

Legendary Zig Ziglar once said that money is not the important thing in life, but it is very close to oxygen in order of importance.

You can complement their efforts by giving some discount, bonuses and other things related to your products/Services.

Step 4: Partner with Social Influencers

To achieve your aim, you need to collaborate  with Social Influencers like in Content creation and adverts, to guide you with the process, so that you’ll not run loss instead of profit.

Have a great week ahead.

Technoid Coach.

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